AUSTIN PUNK ROCK: A web portal for local punk rock bands, shows, and music

 What’s up folks… Welcome to

We have a bunch of bands in Austin and lots of them are punk bands. We at would like to help unify the scene a little, so instead of having to go to a bunch of different bands’ Bandcamp and Facebook pages, or using Google to manually parse the internet of local punk-related websites to find out what shows coming up, you will be able to (one day) use this website as a portal for all your local punk needs.

So minimize your facebook window and see what’s going on at this portal. Maybe you will find out about a new Austin band or show you didn’t know about…

Featured Bands:
The Awful Lot
The Beat Dolls
The Butts
Brewtality Inc
Buried Cities
Dropped Out
Gnarley Sacs
Hans Gruber and the Die Hards
Hit by a Car
Punks on Parade
Sniper 66
Starving Wolves
Sorted Scoundrels
Sober Daze
Shitty Advice
Violent Night

Featured Links:
DaveTV on Youtube
Showlist Austin
Austin TX Punk Rock on Youtube
Guitar Jumps

Links under construction: